Last night’s Flash dealt a lot of things fans wanted to see, and even gave fans some things they didn’t know they wanted to see. Then, it gave us something no one ever expected us to see. For when Barry and Captain Cold (long story) broke into Argus to steal a power supply (longer story), they went through the Suicide Squad lockup. In it, we saw Grodd, we saw Cupid, but we also saw someone else via name…Cheetah.

For those who don’t know, Cheetah is one of the most well known Wonder Woman villains. In fact, outside of the gods of Olympus, she’s arguably the most famous Wonder Woman villain. Especially since she was featured in the Super Friends cartoon back in the day, and has been in several DC animated films including Justice League: Doom. Here’s a pic of her name popping up.

Now, the question here is, “what does this mean?” Well, recall that Grodd and other characters were teased in such a manner, and totally appeared later on. Also, with Wonder Woman being a big budget film, you could argue that Cheetah (as a mere mortal but with cheetah like abilities) is too “small” for a full-on film. So, she COULD arrive in the Arrowverse in full should the producers want.

Another idea is that this was put in knowing that this episode would release before Wonder Woman, and this was meant as a hype tool, but…that doesn’t feel right. This isn’t like Harley Quinn, who was put in with the attention of showing up in full, but then was cut because of the Suicide Squad movie. This could be something else entirely, and something much more fun. Guess we’ll have to see.

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