When it comes to superhero movies, it’s sometimes hard to perfectly replicate what is in the comics. Sometimes the accuracy is required, while other times you have the option to be a little liberal with it. One such case is Aquaman, who debuted a new take on the character’s armor in Justice League, and will presumably be using that same armor in his upcoming solo film, right? Well…maybe not the full time.

For “The Aquaman Shrine” got some inside scoop on the film and posted the following on Twitter:

“Orange & green for Halloween? WB licensing event attendee says the AQUAMAN movie costume shown is “exactly” like the modern comics version!”

Now, when they say “modern version”, they mean the New 52 version where the character of Arthur Curry truly got reborn. His comic was written by Geoff Johns himself (who helps run the film division for the DC Comics movies), and was drawn by Ivan Reis. It reflects the original outfit for the character, but also adds some armor aspects to it as well as some more modern styling.

As one viewer noted on Twitter, there is a shot of the Atlantean King (via the flashback in Justice League) that shows a form of the modern Aquaman armor, maybe that’s what he wears?

We’ll find out when the film debuts this December.

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