You know it’s 2017 when your dream wedding is interrupted by an army of Nazis in full body armor. That’s what Barry and Iris have to deal with when The CW’s Crisis on Earth-X begins airing next Monday. Fortunately, everyone they invited to the nuptial event happens to be a superhero.

But it still isn’t enough. As explained in the trailer below, Earth-X is an alternate dimension where the Nazis won World War II and took over the world, and all its superheroes are evil. That means vile versions of Supergirl, Flash, Arrow and more are about to emerge from a portal and attempt to conquer our world. The exact reason why has yet to be revealed.

The trailer The CW released today is the biggest, longest look we’ve gotten at this crossover to date. You get all sorts of action shots, quippy remarks and most importantly, deadpan snark from Wentworth Miller. Enjoy the trailer, and look forward to much more once Thanksgiving Weekend ends and the battle for Earth begins. Crisis On Earth-X starts Monday, November 27.

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