As sad as it may sound, not everyone goes into film and television to play great character roles. There have been numerous people who have made successful films yet said they hated the characters they played. Thankfully though, not all are like that. Some find strength in their characters. When Star Wars was reborn in the films, one of the key things that was made to drive the franchise forward was new characters interacting with the returning ones. The lead of which would be a young lady named Rey, who is played by Daisy Ridley.

During a Facebook Live Q&A, she was asked what she liked most about Rey, and it’s actually rather wonderful:

“That she is very hopeful. I think it’s really wonderful to see someone like [her], she’s been so lonely her whole life and it’s been very difficult,” Ridley said. “And I think the fact that she reacts the way she does to new people coming into her life- she’s trying to help BB-8 even though initially she’s like, ‘go away.’ She then does everything she can to help him. She does everything she can to help Finn.

And even though everything is crazy and everything’s being thrown at her, she didn’t really ask for any of it, she’s so helpful going forward. And really, as we’ve seen from [The Last]¬†Jedi, she really sees the glimmer in Kylo [Ren], that there’s some good there. And she goes with it, and I think that’s pretty wonderful.”

While it’s true that Rey is one of the reasons the “new saga” is very divisive, it is nice to know that Daisy Ridley is inspired by her character. Which is good, because she’s got at least one more film to go via Star Wars Episode IX, and that film will also be focused on her.

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