While Marvel may be dominating the film market (especially with Black Panther owning the box office for 5 weeks and Infinity War coming up soon), that doesn’t mean DC hasn’t been getting some buzz for its films. Rumors about the first Aquaman trailer arriving at this weekend’s Wonder Con continue to spread, Wonder Woman recently got her second film villain in Cheetah, and the Shazam! film continues to have stuff shown off about it. Including the official logo for the film that you can see in the featured image above.

The logo plays up the colors of the Shazam! with the bright red while also having his classic lightning bolt (which has been confirmed to be on the suit). But what might surprise you was that Warner Bros. based the design of the logo off of the one director David F. Sandberg drew for his pitch for the film.

It is indeed very similar, and it’s hilarious how this came to be, but it shows that Warner Bros has faith in their directors (something they haven’t always had in the DC Comics Film Universe). And Sandberg has shown he really does have a passion for Shazam! as a character, which is making many fans optimistic for the films release April 5, 2019.

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