If you haven’t seen it yet (and seriously, how have you not seen it yet?), the final trailer for Deadpool 2 has come out, and with it, another look at the X-Force, Deadpool, Cable, and all the jokes you could want and more. Deadpool sure isn’t shy about its jokes, Easter Eggs and 4th wall breaking, but that doesn’t mean you should expect them all in the final cut. For according to director David Leitch, some of them have to be left on the cutting room floor:

“It’s funny, there’s so many. There’s so many that are on the cutting room floor, because you do all this improvisation, and you might have three or four versions of one of these moments. You’re like, ‘Oh my God,’ but you can only pick one to tell the story. I think it’ll be a good thing for the Blu-ray extras, to see all the alts that we had and couldn’t put in the movie. Some of them actually snuck into the trailers as Easter eggs. How about I leave it at that?”

Funnily enough, some of the jokes they made actually got rewritten at times because they kept coming up with better versions of them.

“There might be one punchline that we had three versions for and we loved them all, and only one can live in the movie, so we might have snuck a couple in sort of additional materials that people can discover. Like, ‘Oh my God, he used to say this, but now he says this.’ They’re not plot changing, they’re just really punchlines to the jokes, or pop culture references that Ryan is a genius coming up with.”

Deadpool 2, complete with jokes, arrives on May 18th.

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