For longer than we can remember, there has been much debate about whether or not a dinosaur mode will ever feature in a Battlefield game. Swedish developer Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment AB (or DICE) certainly enjoyed dropping various hints in Battlefield 3… So what should we make of this new finding – HyperText Markup Language (HTML) extracted from Battlelog that contains an unquestionable nod to our primordial predecessors?

Credit for the discovery goes to Reddit user ‘TheWestie4321’, who over the weekend rummaged through Battlelog’s source code to find “<div id=”dinosaur” rel=”vertebrates”></div>” nestled within:


(click to enlarge)

Does this mean that DICE’s forthcoming first-person shooter Battlefield 4 will incorporate a Dino Mode, then? Not necessarily. Weeks ago, Electronic Arts sent out a consumer survey that suggested a number of possibilities for the title, such as future expansion packs, experimental weaponry and thematic warfare – one theme being prehistoric. However, when Pixel Enemy probed the publisher further, the response was:

“We value the feedback from our fans and are constantly looking for ways to improve our games. We conduct annual surveys that include topics that range from random ideas to specific themes to see what resonates. These are just some of the ideas included in our survey and not indicative of anything we have in the works.”

In addition, after a bit of research we learned that the above code was also spotted two years ago by a member of AV Forums:


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Some Reddit folk are dismissing the HTML line as more masterful trolling by DICE, whereas others remain hopeful. On which side of the fence are you sitting? Let us know in the comments field below.

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