As we get closer and closer to Infinity War and the arrival of Thanos, people are wondering who will get to fight the legendary Marvel foe. But for two Guardians of the Galaxy, they feel that they deserve a crack at the man from Titan.

In an interview with ComicBook.com, Zoe Saldana, who plays Gamora, notes that she thinks Gamora and her sister Nebula have a right to kill Thanos:

“I think that me, as his golden child, I sort of gave up, I’m done. I’m resolved. I wouldn’t want anybody else to put him in the place than the first person he struck and he hurt the most which is his kids. So, I would want Nebula to do it.I would love to go with my sister and kill daddy dearest.”

But, then there’s the case for Drax The Destroyer, who had his family killed by Ronan, who was a servant of Thanos. And in the comics, Drax’s mission is to kill Thanos. And speaking with Screen Rant, Dave Bautista notes he would love to see Drax vs. Thanos.

“Personally I’d love to see him go head to head with Thanos,” said Bautista. “I’d love to see that. I’ve always been a proponent for that. You now, they’re just really brilliant about their writing. James Gunn has so much, well, he’ll have complete creative control over ‘Guardians 3’ and he has tons of input as far as Guardians go on in ‘Infinity War,’ so I just trust in him, man. I do completely.”

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