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KOG Games officially announced the third and final chapter for Elsword’s Hall of El Saga. You can check out the new video for Elswords Hall of El Saga in the player below.

The Hall of El Saga will come to a close with its third chapter. After Elsword merged with the El, the essence of the El now seeks to keep its whole and unbroken form. That means it must force the El Search Party to turn their backs on a boy who sacrificed every thing to save the El Search Party. Players now have to make a choice between walking away and living a peaceful life or opting to stop the El, taking the Elsword from the El Stone and finding out what happened to make the celestial guards of the El so uneasy about this development.

Additionally, Elrianode has arisen. This is an ancient land that in the world of the game was around before the great explosion. It was also the home to the original protectors of the El. The El then matches the El Search Party agains their own hopes and dreams. Now, the El Search Party looks to go to battle and free the Elsword.


Elsword is a free-to-play MMORPG. The game is available now for Windows PC.

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