Justice League is here (read our review!) and with it came a pair of end credits scenes that are sure to make DC Comics fans excited. But to the uninitiated, you might not understand what happened. But don’t worry, we’re to break them down.


1. Who’s The Fastest?

The first one was more fun than tease, but again, it means something for comic fans.

For in the clip, we see The Flash and Superman agreeing to race each other to see who is the fastest. In the comics, this was an actual event, and it was a very publicized one, both in the comic and out. The rules were set, foot-on-foot race, and no other superpowers allowed. May the best man win.

Ironically? It ended in a tie, and in the Justice League film, Superman actually did fly. But still, it was a really fun scene.

2. “…A League¬†Of Our Own?”

The second scene is definite teaser material. For we find out that Lex Luthor has escaped from prison and is leaving it up on a yacht. And it could’ve ended there. But, instead, they decided to drop a major bombshell and show Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke! The actor has been rumored for the role, but it was never confirmed if he was actually going to be it. And now, him and Luthor are teaming up!

As Luthor notes, they deserve a league of their own, which signals that the Injustice League is on the way. But who will join them? Rumors are that Black Adam will be on the team. And with Aquaman launching next year, maybe Ocean Master or Black Manta could be next? And of course, we need someone to fight Wonder Woman, so maybe someone from her sequel film?

Either way, this scene will be getting a lot of attention for a long time.

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