Modiphius Entertainment, publishers of various licensed tabletop adventures including Star Trek, Conan, John Carter of Mars, is about to release their first adaption from the world of video games….Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.

Fallout®: Wasteland Warfare puts players in the midst of the post-nuclear wasteland with battles from the video game, as well as unique campaign missions with narrative-style objectives, played out with highly-detailed 32mm heroic-scale miniatures, including iconic characters, factions, creatures, robots, environments and settlement buildings from the Fallout universe. As players earn Nuka Cola caps in missions, they can be used to develop their leaders, factions and settlements, unlocking weapons, perks, gear, and upgrades for the next encounter. Fallout: Wasteland Warfare is playable head-to head, solo, or in co-operative play with expansions planned for all three, including future settlement defense, with battles of three to thirty figures from factions such as The Survivors, Brotherhood of Steel, Super Mutants, The Institute, Raiders, The Enclave and more.

Modiphus is committed enough to the property that they will be offering several expansions on Day 1 in addition to the main game, which packs quite a lot in itself: 12 x 32mm scale multi-part pre-assembled PVC miniatures of Sole Survivor, Dogmeat, Brotherhood of Steel in T60 Armour, 3 Settlers, a Super Mutant Brute, 2 standard Super Mutants, 2 Super Mutant Hounds and a Deathclaw, 10 Custom Dice, 2 sheets of counters, over 100 cards, rulebook and campaign book.

But if you need more than that, the Faction Core sets have your back. Each set comes with 6-8 miniatures along with unit and gear cards, plus a scenario sheet and card deck. Further factions include the Institute, Raiders and the Enclave, and they’kll be out in the summer of 2018. There are also unit expansions, character expansions and extra creatures, robots and scenery, some of which can only be obtained through preorder.

Speaking of that, here’s where you can reserve a copy of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. The bomb drops March 2018.

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