Mick Williams has turned to Kickstarter to fund a D&D project. For some time he’s desired to make a high-quality wooden version of the Spell Discs used in the game. The picture above is actually a prototype — the amount of cash he’s asking for will mostly cover the purchase cost of the equipment required to make the real versions.

They don’t look bad for “amateur” efforts, really; he could sell what he’s capable of making. He promises an even better product, though:

The initial offerings for Divine (pictured) and Arcane Spell Discs will be in high-quality hardwood with original artwork by an in-house local artist. One side will boldly show the engraved set artwork for either the Divine or Arcane with the reverse also showing the symbol in a reduced size, along with the category and spell level in a pleasing font. Along with a visually pleasing border on each side, the edge of each Spell Disc will be color coded for each spell slot level.

There are currently eleven days left in the campaign; you can contribute by going here.

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