When you talk about the Marvel/Netflix collaborations, Iron Fist will be brought up. Easily the most polarizing of the collaborations, fans hated not only the portrayal of Danny Rand as Iron Fist, but also how the fights were incredibly lackluster. Especially when compared to Daredevil, which in many ways set the standard for brutal, and elegant, fight scenes. However, with Defenders just hours from launch, Iron Fist himself admits that things will be better in this series.

During a chat with IGN, actor Finn Jones noted that during the filming of Iron Fist, he barely had time to learn martial arts before doing the fight scenes in the episodes, and that led to the lackluster way the fights went. But with Defenders, that’s no longer the case:

“By the time of Defenders, I had been working on the character and training for about seven months, on and off, so by Defenders I was a lot more well-trained than at the beginning of Iron Fist because I had been doing it for so long. The good thing about Defenders, because it was an ensemble piece I wasn’t needed every single second of the day to shoot, which is often the case when you’re leading your own individual show. At the beginning of [Defenders] when we’re all separated, there was definitely days in the week where I didn’t have to shoot. Because of that, I went in and got a chance to rehearse, spend days on choreography before we actually shot. But then as we all came together and our schedules became a lot tighter because of the shooting demands, there was often times, especially towards the end of the show where we were picking up choreography on the day of shooting. That’s kind of a regular thing, that’s just television scheduling. Unfortunately, it’s just something we have to get used to,” Jones said.

Fans are really hoping that Iron Fist doesn’t weigh down the show. We’ll find out when Defenders arrives on Netflix tomorrow.

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