Netflix sent out five new screenshots to the press from the second season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones today. It’s not a new trailer, but it’s something.

The least surprising thing we learn: Jessica winds up in jail. The very first image we got from this season was a picture from the set of Kristen Ritter’s character being arrested, so we’ve known of this twist for a long time. How long can they keep her behind bars, however?

Jessica Jones has two best friends who never leave her side: her adopted sister Trish, and her booze. Here she is catching up with one of those things.

Another thing we’re expecting is for Trish to take a more active role in the investigations this season. We know she ultimately becomes the superhero Hellcat. She’s definitely taking a stand against something here.

This would be Jessica the detective doing what most detectives are expected to do: wander around in dark rooms with a flashlight.

This last one is Trish again, from a scene possibly connected to Screenshot #3 (she has the gun in her hands).

Netflix’s best superhero series (we don’t think this is arguable) returns for a new season March 8.

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