It seems like every week we get word of a new and interesting title, however what has happened to some of the most highly anticipated titles of this generation. Which unannounced titles were popular enough to make this list? Hit the break to find out.

Star Wars: Battlefront 3

The Battlefront series is easily on the most highly regarded in gaming and unfortunately Battlefront 3 is highly unlikely. Original rumors pointed towards Rebellion creating this title, however late rumors and news confirmed that Free Radical was handling development. So what’s the problem, right? Well, it turns out the Free Radical was actually in the process of closure and was quickly snatched up by Crytek. At this point, the future of the series is uncertain. Perhaps it got picked up by another studio, or Crytek is now handling development of this title. One thing is for certain, if it isn’t officially unveiled at this year’s E3, it probably won’t ever see the light of day.


Summoner 3

Chances are the last two titles slipped under your radar last generation. The original Summoner was something of a cult-classic when it released, and provided one of the most compelling, deepest, and fun role-playing experiences on the PlayStation 2. This would be a perfect opportunity for THQ to announce an RPG in a generation full of questionable ones.


Darkwatch 2

Darkwatch had some of the most well-done animations and shooting mechanics of any first person shooter last generation and featured a mature story as well. Those excited about the prospect of a sequel will be disappointed to know that it has been cancelled. With High Moon Studios currently working on several different projects it’s highly unlikely we will see a sequel anytime soon or maybe even ever. We certainly hope one of the larger publishers raises this title from the grave.


Kingdom Hearts III

Next to Star Wars: Battlefront 3 this has to be one of the most shocking no-shows of this generation. The absence of Kingdom Hearts III is especially baffling considering the series had a lot of momentum going into the next generation. Square Enix and Disney have been quiet for far to long regarding a console version and proper sequel to the series. It doesn’t help that Square Enix has been jamming crap in our faces all generation. Mindjack still gives me nightmares.


Syphon Filter 5

Ubisoft has essentially left a large gap in the stealth/espionage genre and it’s very surprising Sony hasn’t taken advantage of this. While several rumors and job listings have pointed towards Syphon Filter 5 it seemed like Gabe Logan would be making his debut on the PS3. However, with Sony Bend currently working on Uncharted for the NGP, it’s unlikely we will see Syphon Filter 5 grace the PS3. Who knows, right? Perhaps E3 will surprise us.

Is there a game you thought should included? Let us know in the comment section.

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