Spring has sprung, and as further proof that stars are just like us, David Hasselhoff is doing a little spring cleaning. He’s put a bunch of his personal belongings and memorabilia up for auction through Julien’s Auctions. Proceeds for some of the items benefit the Starlight Children’s Foundation, cause the Hoff is a mensch.

There’s some clothes. Most of them pretty boring, although Hasselhoff apparently at one point wore a gold suit. And there are some pictures and some Baywatch stuff. And some boring chandeliers for some reason, but, holy crap is that KITT?

Here are five of the coolest, strangest things from the auction and what you might expect to pay for them if you have lots of money and very little self-control.


KITT Replica: Estimated $30,000 – $50,000

Yes, David Hasselhoff has a full replica of KITT from Knight Rider, complete with gull-wing doors, Knight license plate and a full KITT interior that says 4,000 phrases from the show. That he will sell to you so you can drive around in it.

KITT Interior

The car was a gift made for Hasselhoff by fans, and  if you buy it you’ll have to have it shipped from its current home, The Museum of Style Icons in Ireland.



Sort of Dirty Simpsons Autograph by Nancy Cartwright: Estimated $600 – $800

This is a picture of the Simpsons family, but Bart’s voice actor Nancy Cartwright has signed it and has written in a speech bubble saying “Lifeguards Do it … Mouth to Mouth!” Not sure exactly what it means, but since every other “So and So Does It” t-shirt I’ve seen is some kind of sex reference (Carpenters Do it With Wood, Coal Miners Do it In the Dark), I figure this one is too.


“Bravo Otto” Awards: Estimated $800-$1,200 each

He’s unloading gold, silver, and bronze in categories including best TV Star and Best Male Singer. It’s kind of like an Oscar, except it’s decided by the readers of  the German “Bravo” magazine and is a racially insensitive caricature of a Native American.

Golf Cart

David Hasselhoff’s Knight Rider Golf Cart: Estimated $2,000 – $4,000

If KITT is too rich for your blood, there’s also his little brother. The Hoff used this to drive his kids around on Halloween and at soccer practice. I think that statement stands on its own.

King-Sized Hoff: Estimated $20,000 – $30,000

Hoff Replica

Well, it’s 14-foot-long replica of the Hoff from a key scene in the Spongebob Squarepants movie. It’s pricey, but considering that the practical joke/emotional scarring possibilities of this thing are endless it could be a bargain for a certain person.

Hoff Face

 Seriously, if I had the money I’d buy two.

If you want to bid or, let’s get real, look at more weird photos, start here.



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