We’re less than a month away from The Flash Season 04, and finding out what the world is like without Barry Allen…for a little while anyway. At the end of Flash Season 03, Barry entered the Speed Force in order to save the city (and the world) from the backlash of the Savitar event. It was called his “finish line”, but we fans know better. We all knew he was coming back, but the question was, how?

Well, a promo for Flash Season 04 has arrived, and it shows Barry Allen very much alive, albeit, with a beard (I swear I saw a trailer like that before…), Anyway, it’s clear that something is going on here, as the scenes here show that Barry isn’t as cheery as he usually is, maybe it’s a sign of things to come? Maybe there’s a cost to being in the Speed Force for so long like that? And what will his return mean for the rest of Team Flash? There’s a lot of questions, and answers will only come with The Flash returns on October 10th on the CW.

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