We’re basically a month into the new seasons of the DC Comics/CW shows, but it appears that some of them are already planning for next season. We already knew that Arrow had already planned for Season 07, but now it seems that The Flash is catching up to them in that regard. How so?

Well, legendary director and DC Comics fanboy Kevin Smith had this to say on Twitter the other day:

So yeah, Season 05 is apparently already in the works, and blocked out enough to tell Kevin Smith…that’s cool. If you recall, in Season 03 there were two major name drops that proved to be accurate in that The Thinker would be the next main flash villain. And in all likelihood, baring something unfortunate, they already know how this one will end, so why not plan for the next season?

Granted, there has not been an official renewing for Season 05, but given the shows popularity, it’s a very strong possibility it’ll get renewed. No doubt Kevin Smith wants to direct another episode, hence him wanting to stay alive.

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