When people complain about Mark Millar’s comics being too dark, and about him making all of his superheroes one-dimensional jerks, and about his comics all having too much cynicism and not enough heart, Superior is the comic I put forth as a counter-argument. This modernized re-imagining of the Captain Marvel story is all heart, it’s about real bravery and moral courage.

Usually they haven’t read it.

But maybe they’ll watch the movie. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that 20th Century Fox has picked up the story, to be produced by Matthew Vaughn, who directed Millar’s Kick-Ass.

Superior, written by Millar and drawn by Leinil Francis Yu, was released as part of Marvel’s Icon imprint between 2010 and 2012. It’s about a 12-year-old boy with debilitating multiple sclerosis who gets a wish from a space monkey, yes, a space monkey, and of course he wishes to be a superhero.

There’s something sinister about that monkey, but there’s nothing sinister about the boy, who makes the tough, everyday decision to good even with all the power that’s suddenly on his shoulders. Superior isn’t just a comic that bucks the dark and pointless trend of modern comics, it’s an effective antidote to them.

So go buy it.

Superior is just one part of a wave of Millar-owned projects coming to film. Secret Service, also directed by Vaughn, is scheduled for Oct. 24, and Vaughn has an adaptation of Millar’s American Jesus in development. I hope this means Millar will, you know, finish that one. Other Millar projects in the planning stages for films include Starlight, Nemesis, and Kindergarten Heroes.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]


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