If there was any doubt that SHAZAM! wasn’t being made, you can sure cast it away by now. Because in the last month or so we’ve not only gotten the reveal of Zachary Levi as Earth’s Mightiest Mortal, and Asher Angel as Billy Batson, but now, we have a key arrival in the supporting cast via Jack Dylan Grazer as Freddy Freeman.

What makes Freddy Freeman so important is that he’s been a key member of the Marvel Family (that’s the name of Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel’s extended family group, not the comic brand!) for a long time. In fact, Freeman eventually become Captain Marvel Jr. in the comics. According to Deadline, this version of Freddy will know about Billy Batson’s secret, which makes him an invaluable ally and confidant of sorts.

Now, what’ll be interesting to see is which version of Freddy Freeman they use. For the “classic” version (aka Pre-New 52) had Freddy as a loyal brother and aid to Billy and Mary (who is still not cast but is presumably in the film due to her importance to the mythology). But, in the New 52, he’s a prankster, con artist, and loudmouth who isn’t afraid to crack a joke.

Guess we’ll find out more when SHAZAM! arrives April 5th, 2019.

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