What do you get when you put a love of gaming, a desire to build up a community, and have cash to spend? Well, that kind of sounds like esports, doesn’t it? Gamers are always looking for tournaments to sign up for and bring in some cash by doing the thing they love the most. And a new site called¬†GamerzArena has that same desire, and they want YOU to cash in on your gifts. Their first tournament is about to start soon, and it’s for those who love to play Fortnite.

How it’ll work is thus, it’s free entry, yes, free entry, so ANYONE can join if you meet a few simple requirements. One, you have Fortnite, two, you have a Twitch channel, and three, you’re able to stream on your channel. If you can do that, then use your Twitch account to sign up for a¬†GamerzArena account, and then go to war.

The contest is for $1000. And it’s a “Solo Play Most Kills” contest. What that means is, you’ll play one round of Fortnite, and that’s your entry, however many kills you get in that match is your score. Now, in a fun twist, you can replay as many times as you want during the tournament. Furthermore, your score can only go up, never down.

So, if you think this would be something you’d be interested in, you should go get everything in order. The Fortnite competition starts January 28, and goes until February 4th.

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