Geek Tank Games is an Austin-based company that produces tabletop RPG material. Their latest product, a set of plastic tabletop tokens meant to replace battlemap objects, is currently running through its Kickstarter campaign. The tokens are versatile enough to work with a wide variety of RPGs.

With our premium plastic tokens for tabletop RPGs, though, you can simply toss them onto your battlemap while setting up for gaming sessions, and *BAM* – You’re done. Each token is hand-drawn and scaled to a 1” x 1” battlemap, which opens up a new level of immersion.

Our tokens are different from everything else on the market. Not only are these tokens durable, spill-proof and wet-erase ready, but they are also super low-profile and come with resealable packaging to keep your tokens organized between sessions.

Since we’re talking about a simple product, the pledge tier required to get your own set of Tabletop Tokens is pretty low. $15 gets you either the Camping Set, the Castle Furnishings Set or the Castle Siege Set. With a $30 pledge you can pick two of them, and for $40 you’ll get all three, plus a Geek Tank Games sticker.

The campaign is in its final hours, but has already earned over twice its initial goal and broken two stretch goals, and will very likely break a third before it’s over. Get your Tabletop Tokens by pledging here, or if you’d like to learn more about them first, Popgeeks published a review last month.

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