DC Comics has at least two new shows coming out this year. One of which will arrive next week in Black Lightning. But then, in March, Krypton will arrive on Syfy. This series will tell the tale of Seg-El, grandfather to Superman, who must fight to both protect the planet, and protect the future. For as he finds out, someone from the future is trying to change the past so that Superman doesn’t exist. He finds this out through the modern day superhero known as Adam Strange.

Adam Strange is one of the more unique characters in the DC Comics universe. He doesn’t have powers, but he is a hero when he gets transported to the planet known as Raan via Zeta Beams. But that does raise the question, why put him in Krypton? Especially when there are “better suited” characters to bring in? Well, DC Comics own Geoff Johns gave a very interesting answer to this question:

“[O]ne of the great things about [Adam Strange] is that his core story is that on Earth, he just kind of blends in — he’s an average man,” Johns recently explained to IGN. “But when he travels via this Zeta Beam to another planet like Rann, he becomes this hero. He finds the hero within him. And so that conceit and the Zeta Beam technology plays into why Adam Strange specifically is able to travel from Earth present day to the past in Krypton.”

The series begins on March 21st.

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