There was a lot of doubt that The Gifted would be given the viewership and time it deserves during its inaugural season, especially since the show doesn’t feature any “major” X-Men or Brother mutants. Yet, the show made due, and made quite an impact in its 13-episode season, which ended tonight. The two-part finale did many things, including pulling a classic X-Men move of dividing the Mutant Underground into two units. One who would fight by the guidelines of the X-Men (no killing, fight for hope and peace), and those who would follow the guidelines of the Brotherhood and the Hellfire Club (mutant freedom at all costs).

The creator of The Gifted, Matt Nix, talked with ComicBookResources about what the divide means, and how it’ll affect the scope of Season 02 of the show.

“The most important thing for me are the battle lines are between two sets of people who deeply care about each other, and who deeply care about the same things,” he notes “The battle for their future is going to be incredibly complicated because of that factor. Even Fade, when he gets up and goes to the Cuckoos, that comes right on the heels of him acknowledging that Caitlin and Reed really stepped up to the plate and saved everybody. When I think about next season, a battle is coming, and a war is brewing, but it’s a war between two sides that are ultimately trying to save each other. That’s really interesting to me. How do you fight that war when the people you most want to save are on the other side of the battle lines?”

Though no official date is given for The Gifted’s return, we wouldn’t be surprised if it started filming soon and got on air not long after.

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