Crest, a god game that’s been residing in Steam Early Access for eons now, has finally left the proto stage and is officially considered complete. The developer sent out a release this morning confirming Crest’s solidity.

The developer’s name happens to be Eat Create Sleep, and they’re not kidding. According to the team, in order to make the final push to complete Crest, they had to forego their own pay for six months. Hopefully sales from the newly completed game will make up the lost revenue.

Crest is an indirect god sim set in a stylized sub-saharan setting with an afrofuturistic vibe that delivers a new take on the god game genre. Your only means of interaction with your followers, and therefore influence on the world, is by issuing commandments but beware, because of free will these are left open to interpretation by your followers.

Of course lording over millions of semi-intelligent creatures with free will isn’t so easy, and just like in real life, they can misinterpret your directions in a wild variety of ways. One player says “When I asked my followers to strike back against those murderous lions, they somehow thought I meant them to destroy all resources near them and kill all followers living in the jungle. The extinction was quick.”

Another player, who goes by Dictor D. Dankenstein, had this happen: “My largest city starved to death despite producing a ton of food because its high priest decided to interpret the commandment “Give food to the hungry” as “Sail out to the sea and throw all of our food to the fish to please our god.” I didn’t have the influence to stop it until it was already too late.”

Think you can do better? Prove it…download Crest today on Steam.

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