South African retailer, BT Games, lists “God of War IV” on its website; expected release: February 2013


Slowly but surely: information has leaked which has strengthened speculation of God of War IV being a reality.  Earlier this week, BT Games listed the title as available for pre-order.  (You can see it for yourself [here])  You might be thinking: “SCAM ALERT! SCAM ALERT!” however, BT Games has built up a bit of a reputation for leaking titles before Sony decides to announce (i.e The Jak and Daxter Collection).  

This leak also seems to add up with the claims of composer Timothy Williams who says he’s working on the score for the rumored God of War title.  Williams listed  verbatim “GOD OF WAR IV (upcoming) Sony Entertainment” on his resume (see below).  This seems appropriate for Williams who has written scores for the films 300 and Conan the Barbarian as well as video games like Rise of the Argonauts and DOTA2.

The Official PlayStation Magazine has also spoke about a new God of War installment.  While PSM did not say much, a concise statement in the rumors section added a whole new dimension to the series: [quote]Kratos is on his way back, with his next adventure set to feature multiplayer [/quote]

Multiplayer is one thing the GoW series has always lacked and it’s certainly something that could turn into a fantastic success in the multi-player universe.  Maybe you’ll take part in The Great War between the Titans and the Olympians?  Mayhaps you’ll be thrown into battle under the command of the great General Kratos?  Time will only tell…

With how the third installment concluded, these rumors beg the question: How is a fourth installment possible?  We’ve seen stranger things in the industry.  If a series is selling well, resurrection becomes a formality no matter what and after all: no one makes a better comeback than The Ghost of Sparta. Are these “resurrections” always successful?  Not in the least.  In fact: most of the time a forced sequel bombs epically.   But it’s hard to think that this series has the word “disappointment” in its vocabulary.  God of War III is the pride and joy of the PlayStation 3 and arguably one of the most successful and popular titles of the last decade.  If a fourth installment does become a reality (and Sony’s worst-kept secret),  Kratos will take his rightful place amongst the Olympians of gaming lore.




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