The CW seems to have the DC Comics universe on lock. It has Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, The Legends of Tomorrow, Vixen and Constantine (via CWSeed animated series), and in less than a month, Black Lightning will arrive. The only current DC Comics show that isn’t tied to the CW or the Arrowverse is Gotham, which is the “prequel” series for Batman and his allies/Rogues gallery. Yet, that isn’t stopping star David Mazouz from pitching an idea for a crossover:

“The Flash kind of had their run-in with Flashpoint a couple of seasons ago. Maybe there could be another kind of Flashpoint where Flash runs back in time and goes to Gotham and maybe tries to stop Bruce Wayne’s parents’ murder from happening,” Mazouz posited to ComicBook.com. “Maybe not the traditional ‘Bruce Wayne gets murdered instead and Thomas becomes Batman thing,’ but something along those lines where the whole world gets whack and it’s up to Flash to fix things in Gotham.”

Now, while this would be odd, as Barry doesn’t know Bruce Wayne (who was recently confirmed to be in the Arrowverse via name drop in Arrow), it could happen in potential. Maybe he accidentally goes to the Gotham Earth and sees Bruce do something that warrants the reversing of time. As for how he would get to the Gotham Earth, they’d like pull what they did with Supergirl when she was on CBS. So…yeah, it could happen. Would you like to see it happen?

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