Developer Polyphony Digital has recently updated software sales statistics for its Gran Turismo franchise and, as our source Gaming Vogue puts it, the results are “quite good”.

Since the release of the original Gran Turismo in 1997 on PlayStation One, almost 68 million discs bearing the unmistakeable blue and red GT logo have been purchased around the world – 67.89 million to be precise. It turns out that Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec, released on PlayStation 2 in 2001, is Polyphony’s best-seller, making up 14.89 million of the aforementioned number. Its successor Gran Turismo 4, also released on PS2, takes second place with 11.6 million copies sold, and the game that started it all sits comfortably in third having made its way into the homes of 10.85 million wannabe racing pros. 

Embedded below is the complete table of worldwide figures:

If you’re interested in the region-specific numbers for Japan, North America, Europe and Asia, you can find these here

“Quite good”, eh? I’d say GV’s ‘Eccentricone’ is in the running for 2012’s Understatement of The Year award.

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