See kids, back in the late 80s and early 90s, there was a wave of run-and-gun gauntlet games where your goal was just to survive as long as possible while holding your finger tightly down on the “Fire” button. Your mission was to clear the screen of murderous monsters, foot soldiers with Uzis, giant tanks and helicopters, and sometimes HR Giger Alien knockoffs. And then do it again, for they never stopped coming. You were always on edge, and couldn’t let your guard down for a second. The difficulty was nuts. It was great.

These games were crazy fun, and if you’ve never played one, you’re in for a treat as indie game designer Denis Galewski introduces Gun Rage this summer. It’s got everything that classics like Contra and Metal Slug had, including….

  • Big variety of enemies: armies of cyborg zombies, crazy cultists, giant mechas, abominable, heavily armed, huge monsters.
  • Challenging, complex, multiphase boss fights.
  • Retro 16-bit era graphics. All hand-drawn.
  • Old-school hardcore.
  • Vast arsenal. Use various types of weapons: blaster, rifle, shotgun, melee, spread gun, grenades, rocket launcher. Pick new guns and switch between them at any time.
  • Fast-paced gameplay with a lot of explosions, gore and blood.
  • Every level of the game has distinctive indiuvidual art design and atmosphere.
  • Dark synthwave music.

You gotta have the synthwave.

Gun Rage doesn’t have a specific launch date yet, but we know it will arrive this summer for PC. Get your thumbs ready.

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