It’s not uncommon for actors and actresses to disagree with some things about a movie script, especially when it concerns the characters they’re portraying, as they have a connection to them and want them to be portrayed right. This goes double for those who have played a certain character for a long time, like Mark Hamill. He is going to be back as Luke Skywalker (in an actual speaking part) in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and he was quoted in May as saying he didn’t agree with what director Rian Johnson was doing to him:

“I pretty much fundamentally disagree with every choice you’ve made for this character.” he was reported to have said.

Well, at the Tony Awards, Hamill basically recanted and clarified the statement, saying:

“I got into trouble because… I was quoted as saying to Rian that I fundamentally disagree with everything you decided about Luke, and it was inartfully [sic] phrased. What I was, was surprised at how he saw Luke. And it took me a while to get around to his way of thinking, but once I was there it was a thrilling experience. I hope it will be for the audience too.”

It appears that everything is good now, and hopefully the good vibes will continue as we march closer to The Last Jedi’s Chrismas debut.

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