Fear is basically a heightening of the senses that occurs when we feel danger yet lack the knowledge of how to handle it. Because of this, it’s very difficult to scare someone with the same story twice, let alone a dozen times. A monster we’ve never seen before can be very scary. The second time we see the monster, if it does the same things, we’re not as scared of it because we know what to expect from it.

We really know what to expect from Ridley Scott’s Alien creation by now. The eggs, facehuggers, chestbursters, drones and Queens are all well-established. And this new trailer offers very little in the way of surprises. There are some cool moments, sure, but “cool” isn’t going to help Alien Covenant measure up to Alien or Aliens.

“Covenant” is the name of the ship that travels to a distant planet. Until today we didn’t know why, but the trailer makes it clear its to colonize the planet with multiple pairs of human couples. It was intended as a one-way journey, but they have no idea how literal that’s about to become. And in addition to Xenomorphs, we’re supposed to be getting some prototype creatures called Neomorphs that….probably do the same things.

This will also tie into Scott’s previous movie Prometheus in some way, for there are hints that the ship that took off at the end of that movie crash-landed here (those dog tags bear the Weyland-Yutani logo). Alien: Covenant will be out May 19th.

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