One of the parts of Call of Duty games that sometimes rocks players are the vehicles sections, as often they feel shoehorned, and many times don’t serve an overall purpose.

In a chat with IGN though, Infinity Ward revealed that Infinite Warfare will not only have seamless vehicle sections, but you will care for your vehicle just as much as you do your character in the game:

“It’s kind of the Top Gun fantasy,” they explained, noting that “it’s your fighter that you get to upgrade and customize. You get to walk along the flight deck and have the flight crew preparing it for you and saluting you and you get into it and you fly out into these crazy missions that you chose to go to.”

In example, “you can be boots on ground, fighting through the streets of a city on earth, call down your Jackal, get into it, fly up through the atmosphere, engage in a dogfight over the orbit of earth, finish that dogfight, land on the deck of the carrier, get into the carrier, go up to the bridge, and order your ship to go to the next mission and all of it happens seamlessly with no loading screens.”

They did note that the balance of the game will be true to Call of Duty games:

“Call of Duty is about having a gun in your hand, ducking behind cover, and shooting guys. And that is going to be the primary loop that you engage in through the majority of the game.”

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare arrives November 4th

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