Artist Ian Schofield always wanted to illustrate a big tabletop RPG. But after years of waiting and searching, that job opportunity never presented itself….leading Ian to take matters into his own hands. He’s created his own tabletop game, featuring several gameplay styles for both co-op, versus, and single play (yup, you can play this one alone if it comes to that).

Ravage: Dungeons of Plunder is the result of three years of one man’s labor, research and sweat, and the finished product is up on Kickstarter this month. Says Ian, “I have 2 sketchbooks; one with ideas written in it and another with most of the sketches for the characters, monsters, and design elements in the game. I also have a spreadsheet that made my head hurt as I worked out the dice power for each of the monsters’ worst-case and best-case scenarios.”

Ian described the full development process to Alley Cat Games — through sheer will he’s created a very complex and versatile RPG from nothing, and it looks great. However I really hope Ian hires an editor for the final text copy, because his English skills seem to be the one thing that still needs work. An unedited example from the Kickstarter’s rules section:

Adventure (Co-Op) Play co-operatively with your friends to complete quests, bury the head, defeat the cave serpent and destroy the spider’s lair. Adventure mode can be played with or without an Evil Overlord. Letting the Chaotic evil person in your group try to kill you all. Up to 4 players and an Evil Overlord.

Grab your friends, become Orcs and hunt for valuable teeth. You can get your own copy of Ravage: Dungeons of Plunder by donating to the Kickstarter.

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