Developer Curious Panda has been working hard on their gritty turn-based RPG Iron Oath, which was funded on Kickstarter with an impressive $94,000+ dollars. As such, the team has been doing updates for the game. In their most recent one, they note the progress that’s been made in the art, as well as a demo that’ll be showed off next year:

“Hello backers! Over the last month we’ve settled into a nice development groove. I(Nik) have mostly been focusing on character sprites while Chris has been tackling various tasks and he’ll tell you about it later in this update. We’re currently working towards a demo build that will be playable at the Otronicon Expo in Orlando on January 12th.”

The team has also been working on other tasks, such as:

  • implementing keys for locked doors/chests
  • updated internal tools for creating dynamic events and dialogue
  • updated character abilities to be more inline with their designs
  • tweaking general pace of combat (an ongoing process)
  • worked on equipping gear and looting from chests
  • added consumable items (e.g. health potions)
  • implemented stores to purchase items from various vendors
  • skinned/implemented some pre-mission UI screens
  • various bug fixing

In the Kickstarter update itself, you’ll find not just updated art (including some fascinating before-and-after shots) but also videos and gifs of the animation. We highly recommend reading the full update.


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