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Arrow was CW’s start of their interconnected superheroverse. And to many, it’s still the standard and torch bearer of all the shows. Everything will be compared to Arrow. That’s not to say that it hasn’t stumbled at times, and its rating have fallen over the years, but, Season 05 gave fans hope with a return to gritty and dark storytelling and compelling villains. With Season 06 coming in October, many are wondering what else is coming for Team Arrow. If Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim is to be believed, it’s Season 07:

“We’ve already started talking about ooh, we have a shape for season seven already,” Guggenheim said at the Television Critics Association, “This is the earliest we’ve ever had an idea for a season that far ahead, but it’s come out of our conversations about season six.”

That says a lot actually, as the conflicts of this season may lead into another. Of course, fans are looking merely to the season premiere for answers of what happened at the end of Season 05. Lian Yu, a key location for the series, was literally blown off the map…with much of Team Arrow on it. What comes next? Well, only the team behind show know for certain.

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  • August 5, 2017 at 9:33 pm

    I am starting to think that from the season 5 onwards, the series is a bit dragged. I don't know maybe they kept it alive due to the Flash and Legends series. I personally don't see much value out of the series anymore. I think they have shown enough or say more than enough on that series. Hopefully they add something worth to watch.

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