If you happen to follow @PlayStation on Twitter, you might have seen the “When Worlds Collide” image above Tweeted around 16:30 GMT yesterday. Like all good teasers, the possibilities behind its meaning are many, but IGN contributor and The Gamer’s Advocate co-host Adam Bankhurst believes it could signify the awaited return of galactic duo Ratchet and Clank.

“How so”, you ask? Well, as Bankhurst writes, developer Insomniac Games Tweeted the Thugs-4-Less Prison promo for 2003’s Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando mere minutes after @PlayStation’s solar eclipse pic appeared online. While this could be pure coincidence, Bankhurst suspects that a next-generation adventure starring the loveable Lombax and his sentient robot companion might be in the works. After all, the North Carolina studio responsible for the esteemed platforming franchise has been rather quiet lately.

To us, however, @PlayStation’s image may be cryptic confirmation of the PlayStation 4’s release date. We did a little research, and according to timeanddate.com the next solar eclipse is expected on November 3rd, 2013, which would tie-in with current speculation that Sony’s next-gen black box will launch in November this year. Okay, November 3rd is a Sunday, but if Nintendo can launch a console on a Sunday why can’t Sony?

Do you agree with IGN’s hunch? Do you agree with ours? Do you have an assumption of your own? Let us know in the comments field below.


UPDATE: PlayStation has just uploaded this to its Facebook page, tagging Insomniac Games. That rules out our PS4 theory! Could Bankhurst be right?

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