Jasco Games revealed today they’re deep in production on a Street Fighter tabletop miniatures game! All the classic characters will be reproduced in statuesque form, posed in mid-attack. This is an early announcement and details are sparse.

Eventually there will be a Kickstarter for the game, and it’ll contain much more detail on who’s included and how you play, but for now, all we have are these rotating figures shown in the announcement video on Jasco’s Facebook page. Prototypes of Ryu and Chun-Li figures are shown (with appropriate sound efffects) and they look polished and detailed. If the final models look half as good, our thumbs are up.

Most curiously, the video’s bottom left corner is watermarked with the logo for the Angry Joe Show. This could mean one of three things:

  1. The miniatures game will be advertised during a future episode
  2. Joe will be reviewing the game in a future episode
  3. One of the figures will be Joe in a Chun-Li outfit

We’ll find out, won’t we? The crowdfunding campaign for the Street Fighter Miniatures Game launches April 4.

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