In the upcoming Justice League film, the world will get its first true introduction to the live-action version of Aquaman. Yes, he was teased in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but, it won’t be until this film that we see him in full glory. After that, if the second Justice League film doesn’t come first, it’ll be off to the solo film world for him, which is directed by James Wan of Fast & Furious fame.

Aquaman himself is played by Jason Momoa, who is very impressed with the script for the film. He told Digital Trends:

“I read the [‘Aquaman’] script and let me just put it this way, I’ve never seen a movie that’s anything like this,” said Momoa. “It’s going to be a world that you’ve never seen before, which is really cool. We went to space, we traveled all over different worlds, but we never went underwater. So it’s just a really cool spin on what’s below and it uses a lot of great movies that I already love — whether that be ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ to ‘Star Wars’ to ‘Lord of the Rings’ to ‘Romancing the Stone.’ It has a lot of really cool adventure, it’s funny and heroic, and there’s a lot of different characters and a lot of different worlds that we get to go to. So I’ve never really seen anything like it. I think it would be an absolutely amazing game and that would be the greatest character in the world.”

Aquaman’s solo film will arrive October 5th, 2018.

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