When the Marvel/Netflix collaborations were revealed several years back, you could argue that of the four announced (not including Defenders), Jessica Jones was the hardest sell. For unlike Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, which were all fairly standard superhero affair more-or-less, Jessica didn’t have that. For instead of a superpowered woman trying to save the world. We got a wise-cracking, often drunk, private investigator who just happened to have superpowers and has been abused and used most of her life.

Despite these hurdles, Jessica Jones has become one of the most beloved entries in the Netflix series, and this love continued with her recent second season. Despite only coming out about a month ago, Netflix and Marvel have confirmed that a third season is coming. This makes it only the second Netflix/Marvel collaboration to do so (behind Daredevil).

What’s more, the announcement confirmed that the series, and seemingly all others that get a third season, will be remaining on Netflix and not transferring to the Disney streaming service that is eventually coming.

The real question here is how will Jessica Jones Season 03 go storywise? Season 01 dealt with her most known villain in Kilgrave. Season 02 revealed how she got her powers. Could Season 03 push her more towards her relationship with Luke Cage and their in-canon marriage? Only time will tell.

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