The end of “Phase 1” for the Marvel/Netflix has come with the Defenders now out on the streaming service, but already things for “Phase 2” have begun. Punisher is coming laster this year, Luke Cage Season 02 is already filming, Iron Fist Season 02 and Daredevil Season 03 have been confirmed, and now, Jessica Jones has had her second season finished in terms of production.

This was noted by MCU Exchange, who found an Instagram post showing star Krysten Ritter celebrating that Season 02 had wrapped.

This is interesting for a couple reasons. First off, this means that it could be Jessica Jones kicking off Phase 2 of the main four series by the time next year rolls around (as Punisher is in November more than likely and they like to space things out), so it could be coming as early as January or February. Second, this season was done much quicker than usual. It was filmed in about 5 months, whereas the others usually took six.

Jessica Jones Season 02 has a lot to live up to, it was a very dark and personal first season, and then by the end of Defenders, Jessica appeared to be ready to move on with her life, even officially opening Alias Investigations again. But…Kilgrave is confirmed to be in this season somehow…so it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

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