I can imagine when Joss Whedon came on board to finish the movie Zack Snyder had to abandon, he looked at the gritty dour mess that a Snyder Justice League had to be and shook his head. We wondered just how much creative control Joss would have at this late stage, as well as just how much he’d be able to change at all given the time remaining. Apparently a lot.

For one thing, the film as Snyder left it was reportedly one giant setup for Justice League 2. The Big Bad was Steppenwolf, who serves under Darkseid — and his role still hasn’t changed, but what has is that Steppenwolf is being positioned as a much more serious threat than he was in Snyder’s cut. Originally, he was constantly portrayed as weaker to Darkseid, as if to say to the audience “The REAL good stuff is coming in two years! Oh boy!” Joss didn’t like that, and the moviegoing public probably wouldn’t have liked it either.

Reshoots are also taking place to make the movie “less dark,” which may give you deja vu for what happened to Suicide Squad. Rumor has it when Warner execs saw a rough cut of Justice League earlier this month, they declared it “unwatchable,” and when you consider what they DO consider watchable, that isn’t good.

Finally Whedon is changing the ending. Now you’re probably thinking “Wonder Woman dies.” It’s within his wheelhouse, but no. This change is related to the “sequel setup” changes being made to other parts of the film. Justice League was going to end on a cliffhanger; a literal “To Be Continued.” Joss put a stop to that. Good for him.

Somehow Justice League is going to retain all these reshoots and edits and still come out on time November 17. It’s anyone’s guess what kind of movie we’re getting now. Hold your cash until you know for sure.

UPDATE: This article actually said “JOSH Whedon” in its headline all weekend. We’re embarrassed and sorry.

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