The DCEU is marked by many things. Divisive reception, “questionable” takes on characters, and a dark feeling that seems to have griped the whole universe (save for Wonder Woman, but that had darkness too). And then with Justice League, despite a surprising opening scene with Superman, it soon faded into a scene with Batman catching a robber (and a Parademon), and then a montage to a rather depressing song called, “Everybody Knows”. Given that the film was made by two directors, Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon, you’d think that the song was put in by the former, but you would be wrong.

On Twitter, a reporter for The New Yorker tweeted out the lyrics to the song, to which Joss Whedon said:

Many are actually very surprised that this was his idea, as the director is known for his lighter elements and takes on comedy and hope, but that song perfectly nailed the darker tone of the DCEU. For in the song “Everybody Knows”, it talks about how everyone in the world is aware that things are very, very wrong, and that no matter what they do, things will continue to be that way.

The reason that fit the DCEU is because of the fact that Superman was dead in the beginning of Justice League, and the world had truly lost hope.

Just goes to show you shouldn’t assume who did what in that movie.

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