While its true that the fate of the DCEU rested on Wonder Woman’s shoulders when it came out in June (and it blew away critics and box office expectations), the DCEU still isn’t out of the woods yet. Their next film is arguably the most risky of them all in Justice League. Fans are worried because the first director of the film, Zack Snyder, had to step down for personal reasons, then Joss Whedon stepped in, and there was many reshoots made. Some reports say $25 million dollars worth of reshoots were done.

So, needless to say, fans are a bit tense. But, if a private screening held by Warner Bros. is to be believed, fans may not have to be so tense. Warner Bros. showed off the finished film to some fans, including some who didn’t like previous DCEU films, and according to Batman-News via Twitter, some came out of the film saying it was “epic”. Including the person who didn’t like the previous DCEU films.

Now, as many will rightfully point out, fans had similar reactions to both BVS (which apparently got a standing ovation in its private screening) Wonder Woman, and Suicide Squad (arguably the worst of DCEU lot). So you should take this with a bit of salt. However, being that three random people all said it was epic, including a naysayer of previous films? That should give a little hope.

Justice League releases in theaters November 17th.

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