There was a lot of big names hidden throughout Guardians of the Galaxy in terms of star power. From Kurt Russell, to Michael Rooker, and of course the Guardians of the Galaxy themselves. But, what may have gone over some people’s heads was the group Sylvester Stallone’s character Stakar met at the end of the film. Stakar is the real name of the Marvel character Starhawk, who actually helped lead the original Guardians of the Galaxy alongside Yondu and others in the year 3000. Yes, that’s right, the year 3000.

At the end of the film (spoilers!!!) Yondu’s character dies, and the Ravagers, lead by Stakar come in full force to honor him. Then, in one of the post-credit sequences, Stakar met with many other Ravager leaders and said they should get back together and go steal stuff. They all agreed. This was meant to symbolize the return of the “original” GOTG. And it could mean that not only will we see them again, but they could be getting a bigger role in things going forward. Which is something Kevin Feige confirmed with Collider:

“It’s always a bit of both. It’s always we do it because it’s fun in the moment, and it’s fun as a potential sneak of what’s to come. I think all things being equal; James and everybody at Marvel would love to see the continued adventures in some aspect. Whether it’s a large part in a future movie, or as James just said, a Howard the Duck level appearance, down the line of those any or all of those original Guardians. Really, the most important immediate thing for us was just to establish and showcase, “Yes. Those original Guardians, though they may never have called themselves that in our movie mythology, they exist.””

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