It wasn’t that long ago we wrote about Tiger handhelds and how unplayable most of them were (if you’re too young to have experienced one, emulation is now a click away). There were other companies that managed to work with the limitations and produce some addictive games, though. The king of these was (naturally) Nintendo with their Game and Watch series of handhelds that predated the Game Boy, starting all the way back in 1980.

Today Square revealed you’ll be able to keep busy during any downtime in Kingdom Hearts 3 by whipping out an LCD handheld device that looks very similar to a Game and Watch. Four minigames are rendered this way and fall under the banner “Classic Kingdom.” Sora and Mickey are rendered in the classic pen and ink style, and you can play simple games based on classic Mickey cartoons from the 1930s.

Square also revealed you don’t actually have to wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 to play these games. They’ll also be included in KINGDOM HEARTS UNION χ, the mobile game that uses KH characters.

Note that in the trailer below Sora and Mickey break the rules of an LCD display by using different animations within the same location. One spot, one drawing! Those were the rules.

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