The recently revealed Cirle Pad Extension for 3DS isn’t just in Capcom’s monster-slaying mitts…

The following comes from a recent Kojima Productions Podcast…

“I saw it today in the office. I mean I’m sure it’ll enhance gameplay… it’s a little big.” – Christopher Johns
“It feels good I think… it feels good. It’s just it’s an add-on, so I think the only concern is how will that kind of split through the users. Because there are people who are gonna wanna just carry around a really portable 3DS and then maybe only the really hardcore guys want to play some FPSs on there or something will maybe want to get that attachment.” – Sean Eyeston
“I don’t know if people want to carry it around, right? That might be the tough part.” – Christopher Johns
“It is kind of big.” – Sean Eyeston
“I think it adds a new level to gameplay, so it’s definitely worth it.” – Christopher Johns
“Gameplay-wise I think it definitely adds a lot. It’s just size-wise and I guess aesthetics, right?” – Sean Eyeston
“For those who do play for long periods of time, I think that will win over a lot of people…” – Christine Kogure

Could this be the reason why they delayed Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D? I hope so, the gyro controls looked awkward!


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