Say what you will about The Force Awakens, it delivered quite a different kind of villain with Kylo Ren. He was powerful, yet very emotional, and was prone to lashing out in ways that you’d think wouldn’t work for a Sith Lord, yet totally does. And after the events of that movie, many are curious as to what will happen with Ren next in the upcoming Star Wars: the Last Jedi.

Actor Adam Driver talked with the Today show and was asked about whether viewers will be pleased with his film and his character, to which he answered:

“God, I hope. I hope they will. I think it will be hopefully unexpected.”

What that means at present is obviously unclear, but it could be taken many different ways. At the end of Force Awakens, Supreme Leader Snoake noted that Ren should be brought to him to “complete his training”. But what does that mean? Will he be even more powerful the next time we see him? Will something else happen that could change his fate forever? Will he have to fight Rey again to try and reclaim his now lost honor?

We’ll have to find out when The Last Jedi arrives on Christmas Day.

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