We don’t have a trailer for this one yet — it hasn’t started filming. But with a title like Beverly Hills Lizard People, why would we wait?

Produced by Cthulhu Crush Productions, the script will be written by Jody Wheeler. And the plot will be what you think it is: An ancient race of shape-shifting lizard people have been dwelling deep within the Earth for centuries. Now they’re crawling back to the surface to reclaim their old home — where hoity-toity Beverly Hills, CA now sits. Brenda, look out!

For a director, CCP has tapped Lisa Ovies, whose credits include the award-winning feature Taking My Parents to Burning Man. “I had to direct this,” Ovies says. “It’s a crazy blend of horror, humor, and personal empowerment — precisely the kind of stories I love to tell. I’m looking forward to getting people to wonder what’s really beneath the skin of their best friends or loved ones.”

“Lisa got BHLP from word one,” says Wheeler. “She not only got the horror elements, but the moments of humor peppered through the script, laughs that emerged from the terror, not in spite of it.”

Production on Beverly Hills Lizard People is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2018.

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