When Captain America: Civil War was revealed to be the launchpoint for the next Spider-Man, everyone was excited, and then it was revealed that Aunt May would be shown alongside Peter Parker too. But when casting of Aunt May was shown, and then we saw Marisa Tomei as Aunt May in Civil War, people were…taken aback. First off, this is without a doubt the most beautiful version of Aunt May we’ve ever seen…comics or otherwise, and she was much younger than either of the two movie versions.

Thankfully, in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Marisa Tomei was given more to do as Aunt May, and even got a lot more aged in some ways. But as she reveals, there was supposed to be even more May in the film that got cut:

“There were also things in the original [script], which I signed up for, which weren’t there when we shot it,” Tomei said to HuffPost. “There was something going on in the neighborhood, and there was a little girl in distress, and I saved her, and Peter saw me save her, so you kind of saw that he got part of his ethics from her. Then I come home, and I don’t even tell him that that’s what happened, and, of course, there’s all this stuff that he’s not telling me. So he’s like, ‘How was your day?’ And I’m like, ‘It was fine,’ but really I was shaking inside because of this whole crisis that had happened in the city. I’m kind of fibbing to him, and he’s fibbing to me, and we’re living in this house together, and it was a very interesting setup. I was quite disappointed that wasn’t in there.””

That would’ve been a great scene to see for sure, with a sequel undoubtedly coming, and that ending scene no doubt leading to more interactions between Peter and May in the next film, she might just get her chance to shine even more.

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