A couple years back, kickboxing champion Don Wilson created The Martial Arts Kid, a family film about the dangers of bullying. It was a completely independent production financed through crowdfunding. The finished product ended up being a success, and Wilson is about to follow it up with The Martial Arts Kid 2: Payback! In the sequel Wilson says he would like to “show how martial arts can be applied to real-world situations that are more serious and adult” while at the same time keeping the tone “wholesome.”

Admittedly this is somewhat different fare from what we normally cover here, but we thought you might want to know because several veterans of action films and athletic competitions are involved, most notably Cynthia Rothrock and the aforementioned Wilson. Also, Sasha “Cody Lambert” Mitchell makes an appearance, which is totally gnarly, dudes. Guess this means he’s out of jail.

Says Wilson, “We are not in the business of making movies for Hollywood and do not have a studio’s backing. We want people to be a part of what we do and what we create. We want everyone to be proud of what can be done together.” The original Martial Arts Kid featured a record number of  real martial arts Grand Masters, Masters and Champions, and a similar cast is planned for the sequel.

You can fund The Martial Arts Kid 2 today by going to the Indiegogo page. Prize tiers include DVDs and Blu-rays of the two films, autographed pictures of Wilson and Rothrock, and (for higher-end donations) visits behind the scenes during production.

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